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I bought a B M W 328is from this car lot, i paid cash,and way more than it was worth because it had mags and was a hott lookin car,the next morning on my way to work the car tore up, and to make long story short, they said they fixed it, the car kept tearing up, 3 more x after spending 5 grand on it,i had the car for 2 years now it still want run,and i bought a new car. they screwed me big time...WARNING dont go there!!!!!!!!!!

unless you wanna loose your money. this is a place to go if you wanna walk insted of drive,not to mention there attitudes sucked after paying them a fortune for this usless car...

what come around goes around... R M C MOTORS got my bad review....

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I bought a 2005 hyundai accent from this place, we asked all the questions and got the answers that i guess they assumed we wanted to hear. I asked why the vehicle was so cheap and the *** replies, "I could charge you more." That should have been a red flag!

Considering that it's fraud not to disclose certain information about vehicles, we decided it was a good deal and bought the car. I had to drive it to FL because I was relocating there. After I got there, the next day the transmission went completely out. I took it to a dealership and found out all sorts of *** about the car after receiving the carfax.

They told us it wasn't salvage, had never been wrecked and only had one owner. Turns out, it did have a salvage title and it was worth less than half what i paid for it. It had been totaled, it had no airbag and I could have been killed in it. It was on fire and had several owners before these lowlives decided to buy it and niggerrig it to sell to someone like me.

I'm hoping I can get them to lose their license for fraud, we also suspect title washing. They didn't even put the correct model of the car. Nobody should ever buy anything from here, I can't believe they've been in business for 18 years!

Hopefully I can change that. :(

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